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Training Certification Committee and its Tasks

  1. Training Certification Committee ( “ Committee ” hereunder) shall be established to develop and certify Laboratory Animal Veterinarians in KCLAM.
  2. Committee ' s tasks
    1. Provide training for the development of Laboratory Animal Veterinarians and establish technical standards
    2. Affairs related to the (re)certification of Laboratory Animal Veterinarians
    3. Recommendation of Honorary Laboratory Animal Veterinarians and registration of Senior Laboratory Animal Veterinarians
    4. Affairs related to the Exam Committee
    5. Other affairs acknowledged by KCLAM to be necessary

Constitution of the Committee and Membership Term

  1. The Committee shall consist of 5 or more members.
  2. In order to promote the activities of the Committee, the President of KCLAM shall appoint the Chairman of the Committee among KCLAM directors. Committee members shall be appointed by the Chairman among Laboratory Animal Veterinarians. When deemed necessary, however, a non-Laboratory Animal Veterinarian can be appointed a member of the Committee.
  3. The term of membership is 2 years and members can be re-appointed.

Operation of the Committee

  1. The Committee shall begin its deliberation with a majority of its members present and make decisions with a majority of those present expressing consent.
  2. In order to facilitate the activities of the Committee, the Chairman can appoint one or more administrative staffs among the members.

Exam Committee

  1. In order to administer the Laboratory Animal Veterinarian Certification Examination ( “ Exam ” hereunder), the Committee shall establish an Examination Committee ( “ Exam Committee ” hereunder) within the Committee upon every examination.
  2. The Chairman of the Committee shall also serve as the Chairman of the Exam Committee ( “ Exam Committee Chairman ” hereunder), and the number of new examiners shall not exceed 1/3 of total examiners in order to maintain consistency in the questions of the Exams.
  3. The Exam Committee shall be responsible for the following tasks.
    1. Writing and administration of the Exams
    2. Other tasks deemed necessary by the Committee

Operation of the Exam Committee

  1. The Exam Committee shall consist of 4 or more members ( “ Examiners ” hereunder).
  2. In order to facilitate the activities of the Exam Committee, the Chairman can appoint a vice chairman and administrative staffs.
  3. For every Exam, the Chairman shall appoint Examiners among Laboratory Animal Veterinarians with sufficient knowledge and experience in the related fields.
  4. The term of the Examiner begins on the day of Chairman ' s appointment and ends on the day when the names of those who passed the Exam are announced for the corresponding year. However, the term can be extended if deemed necessary by the Chairman.
  5. The Exam Committee shall make decisions based on unanimous consent. When there are differences in opinion among the Examiners, decisions shall be made with a majority of Examiners present expressing consent.