Introduction of KCLAM

Korean College of Laboratory Animal Medicine (KCLAM) was established in 25th Oct 2006 for the purpose of 1) enhancement of humane technique of animal experiments, 2) development of the fields of disease of experimental animals, operation, anesthesia, pain relief, animal welfare and animal protection, 3) training for the development of Laboratory Animal Veterinarians, 4) and establishment technical standards. Prof. Jae-Hak Park, Seoul Nat'l Univ. was elected as the first president of KCLAM.
  Laboratory Animal Veterinarian Certification

Certification Review
¨ç Laboratory Animal Veterinarian Certification Review shall consist of Qualification Review and Written Exam. A candidate must achieve specified standards to be certified. The evaluation criteria and the methods of the Written Exam are outlined in [Appendix 1].
¨è A candidate must pay an application fee to be reviewed for certification. The amount of the fee shall be determined separately.
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