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[유관기관 홍보 안내] WVA/MSD Veterinary Student Scholarship 2023

The WVA and MSD Animal Health are delighted to announce the 2023 Veterinary Student Scholarship Program 

which will attribute 80 scholarships to veterinary students around the globe to help their academic experience.

The WVA/MSD Student Scholarship Programs have been taking place each year since 2016. 

WVA and MSD have agreed to continue the successful collaboration and to launch the 2023 Veterinary Student Scholarship

Program for another slot of 80 scholarships of US$ 2,500 (of a total of $200,000) to be granted to selected students from countries 

in the regions of Latin America, Africa, North Africa/Middle East and Asia/Oceania. 


Read all the details and where applications need to be submitted here: https://worldvet.org/activities/msd-veterinary-student-scholarship/

Application deadline is the 3rd December 202312:00 pm (CET).

WVA and MSD Animal Health encourage qualified students to submit their applications and wish much success to all the candidates.

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